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It's time for reinforcement learning to leave the lab and solve problems in the real world.

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Artist depiction of AI, courtesy of Unsplash, by Domhnall Malone for Google DeepMind


RavenRL is an early-stage startup catalyzing the widespread adoption of reinforcement learning to solve real-world challenges. Born from cutting-edge research at a leading university, our initial focus is optimizing wind farm operations through intelligent RL-powered decision support tools. However, our innovative approach and deep expertise position us to seamlessly integrate RL across industries.

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Reinforcement learning & wind energy


What is Reinforcement Learning?

Reinforcement Learning (RL) is an AI framework designed to solve complex decision-making problems from data. RL has proven capable of successfully tackling large-scale, uncertain problems previously considered intractable, such as playing Atari games at a superhuman level, beating the world champion at Go (AlphaGo), or training AI conversational assistants like ChatGPT.


Why is RL not widespread?

Despite its outstanding promises, RL has yet to be broadly adopted as a tool for solving complex problems in daily life. As a McKinsey report states: “There is not yet an out-of-the-box, single framework for delivering reinforcement learning solutions. We anticipate that something like this will be available in a few years [...]”.

At RavenRL, we believe we possess the knowledge to make RL a reality for businesses, and we are committed to making it happen.


Managing wind farms

Wind farm management relies on monitoring tools for turbine fault detection and energy production optimization. These tools can aid operators to predict malfunction and trigger safety shutdown alarms. However, false alarms may result in increased downtime, substantial losses in power production and accelerated turbine wear. We estimate the yearly losses in the European wind energy market incurred from false alarm triggering to be on the order of billions of euros.


Wind energy and RL: a great match

RL offers unprecedented potential, allowing us to harness data and models, to achieve superhuman solutions. Our RL platform can support operators in an optimally managing wind farms, cutting down losses and streamlining the decision-making process. Our RL-based solution aims to redefine the approach to sustainably generating green energy.

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