We're an early stage startup, with our roots in applied AI research at one of the world's leading universities.


Our mission

At RavenRL, we are pioneering the applied use of reinforcement learning (RL) to unlock new frontiers of intelligent decision-making and optimization in the real world. With roots in cutting-edge AI research at ETH Zurich, we aim to harness the power of RL to tackle complex real-world challenges.

Our initial focus is on the energy sector, where we aim to leverage RL to optimize the operations of wind farms. By enabling intelligent support tools that can adaptively learn and help operators make optimal decisions in response to dynamic site conditions and asset states, we can maximize energy output, reduce operational and maintenance costs, and drive sustainable energy solutions.

However, our ambitions extend far beyond wind energy. We envision a future where reinforcement learning is seamlessly integrated into a wide range of real-world systems, enabling intelligent automation, resource optimization, and data-driven decision-making at unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy.

Our vision

We are driven by a passion for research and innovation, a commitment to excellence, and a belief in the transformative power of artificial intelligence. Our goal is to build a team of exceptional researchers, engineers, and domain experts, united by a shared vision of pushing the boundaries of what is possible with reinforcement learning. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, unlocking new frontiers of intelligent decision-making for a smarter, more efficient, and sustainable world.


Founding team

  • Gregory Duthé

    Gregory Duthé

    PhD candidate, ETH Zürich

    Geometric deep learning for wind turbine modelling and optimization

    BSc. and MSc. Mechanical Engineering, EPFL

  • Giacomo Arcieri

    Giacomo Arcieri

    PhD candidate, ETH Zürich

    Reinforcement learning for infrastructure maintenance planning

    BSc. and MSc. Industrial Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome


  • Prof. Eleni Chatzi

    Prof. Eleni Chatzi

    Associate Professor, ETH Zürich

  • Dr. Mark Ring

    Dr. Mark Ring

    Founder CogitAI

  • Dr. Nikos Kariotoglou

    Dr. Nikos Kariotoglou

    Founder Seervision

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